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Begin Your Journey to Health & Wellness

“Health is a state of body Wellness is a state of being”

Our Approach 

A “whole person” is the approach to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Our goal is to identify and eliminate causative dysfunctions, restore optimal health, and maintain long term wellness.



If you are interested in our services, and how they may improve the quality of your overall health and wellbeing, please call us to schedule a complimentary 15 minutes consultation.  


Acupuncture involves inserting very thin needles through the skin at specific points on the body.

Stimulation of specific points improves blood flow, triggers the activity of the body's natural painkillers to alleviate pain, and stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms to restore optimal function. Acupuncture is used for a wide variety of health conditions, including pain management, stress management, and overall wellness.


E-stim uses electrical pulses to mimic the action of signals coming from neurons (cells in your nervous system) targeting either muscles or nerves. E-stim sends mild electrical pulses through the skin to help stimulate injured muscles and manipulate nerves to reduce pain. It stimulates intracellular signaling pathways, cell growth and repair, reduces inflammation and stimulates circulation, accelerates recovery and provides relief from painful or uncomfortable symptoms, reduces spasms and promotes muscle relaxation.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF therapy uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal damaged tissues and bone, to relieve injury-related pain, to stimulate organs, and encourage its natural repair mechanisms. Therapeutic frequencies created by PEMF device are similar to electromagnetic waves found in nature. It is a natural, safe, non-invasive, and painless treatment. PEMF is used to improve tissue regeneration, circulation, and immune system function, to activate cellular metabolism and repair, to support faster rehabilitation for injuries, to increase physical energy and vitality, to aid relaxation and improve sleep.


As part of an integrative approach to wellness, we offer customized Herbal Formulas, Herbal, Botanical, Nutraceutical Products, Dietary Supplements, Nutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids), to help support the body and maintain optimal health. 

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy (myofascial decompression) is a process of placing oriental vacuum cups on the skin to create suction, which facilitates healing via increased blood flow. Oriental vacuum cups use negative pressure to gently pull on the body’s tissues, release tension, increase blood flow to skin and muscles, and promote lymphatic drainage. Cupping therapy is effective for a variety of conditions, including pain management, muscle tension, sport injury, and post-exercise muscle recovery.   

Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy uses certain wavelengths of light to deliver energy to the cells, reaching deep into soft tissues, muscles, joints, and bone. Visible red and invisible near infrared energy is absorbed by photoreceptors in each cell, which activates series of metabolic events, stimulating the body’s natural healing process. It has been proven to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve microcirculation, boost metabolism, tissue oxygenation. It is a natural, painless, and safe way to treat conditions like acute or chronic pain, joint inflammation, injuries, nerve pain, digestive disorders, skin conditions, and mood disorders.

Functional Lab Testing & Analysis

Laboratory tests check a sample of your blood, urine, and saliva, which are used to tests for hormones, neurotransmitters, nutrients (vitamins, minerals) and nutritional response, food allergies and sensitivities, toxic elements, oxidative stress status, biomarkers that are correlated with many underlying conditions. Laboratory tests are often part of a routine checkup to establish a baseline that can be used to track a client's health over time, to look for changes in your health, to plan or evaluate treatments, and monitor diseases.

Natural Rejuvenation

Our natural rejuvenation treatments integrate Chinese Medicine with modern medical modalities, to bring out the innate beauty and radiance and create long-lasting effects. Cosmetic treatments include: Facial Acupuncture, Herbal Masks and Poultices, Facial Cupping, Gua Sha, Microcurrent therapy, LED Light Therapy. Benefits: diminishes wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, improves muscle tone and collagen production, increases local blood and lymph circulation, eliminates puffiness, tightens the pores, evens skin tone, improves facial color. These are safe, effective, and painless treatments used by both women and men as a healthy, natural, non-toxic method for facial rejuvenation. 

If you are interested in natural rejuvenation services 

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“I had one of the best speed-up recovery experiences here after my athletic injury. Now I come to recharge my muscles and my mind to keep me happier, healthier, and stronger in the long run. Highly recommend!” 

— GB, Professional Athlete

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